G.B. Perglesi - L'Olimpiade
G.B. Perglesi - L'Olimpiade


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The Telegraph

19th May 2011


“The opera stretches to close on four hours, but this pacy, expertly sung performance highlights Pergolesi’s deft orchestral touch and the thrill he could ignite through his virtuoso treatment of the voice.”

The Observer

29th March 2011

“As the Olympics approach, there will be plenty of revivals of Games-related dramas (Garsington promises a Vivaldi opera next year), and this big three-acter by Pergolesi –, best known for his small comic pieces – leads the field. ...The performance from Innsbruck is sparky, the music charming”

International Record Review

July 2011

“It's an opera full of fine arias: some in Pergolesi's characteristically simple, pared-down style; some ambitiously heroic; some delvingly introspective: the singers here rise to the challenge impressively...the fact that this is live music-making means that we do benefit from a freer way with the ornamental intensification of da capos and properly acted recitatives...the cast is excellent and has no weak links.”

Gramophone Magazine

September 2011

“Academia Montis Regalis deliver a vivid interpretation that advocates Pergolesi as a musical dramatist of greater versatility and imagination than most of us will have hitherto suspected.”